SmofKabiven® extra Nitrogen

SmofKabiven extra Nitrogen is a suitable option for patients requiring PN when the aim is to achieve protein targets without overfeeding. It contains SMOFlipid® (soya-bean oil, medium-chain triglycerides, olive oil and fish oil), a four oil lipid emulsion.1-3 This range has the highest amino acid concentration in the Fresenius Kabi MCB range.

For total PN, vitamins and trace elements should be administered to the patient in addition to the macronutrients delivered via multi-chamber bags.

Protein – Energy ratio: 1.5 gAA/20 kcal
Nitrogen – non-protein kcal ratio: 1:60

Figures are approximations calculated from the summaries of product characteristics.

Contains SMOFlipid

SmofKabiven extra Nitrogen1,2

Highest amino acid concentration in our MCBs bag range 1.5 gAA per 20 kcal1

  • Counteracts protein deficits1
  • Contains taurine which may have a hepatoprotective effect1,4

Lower glucose and lipid concentration than SmofKabiven Central (amino acids, electrolytes, glucose, lipid emulsion) and Kabiven (amino acids, electrolytes, glucose, lipid emulsion)5–7

Nitrogen (g) – non-protein kcal ratio: 1:60

  • Guidelines suggest conservative energy intakes can be appropriate in adult patients at risk of refeeding, in obesity and in the acute phase of critical illness8,9
  • May help to reduce kcal load10

Contains SMOFlipid four-lipid emulsion3

  • Shown to have less impact on liver cell function and inflammatory response versus older lipid emulsions11–16

Available with or without electrolytes1,2

  • SmofKabiven extra Nitrogen
  • SmofKabiven extra Nitrogen Electrolyte Free

SmofKabiven extra Nitrogen is available in 3 sizes1
SmofKabiven extra Nitrogen Electrolyte Free is available in 1 sizes2

SmofKabiven extra Nitrogen

  • SmofKabiven extra Nitrogen 11 gN, 1012 ml
  • SmofKabiven extra Nitrogen 16 gN, 1518 ml
  • SmofKabiven extra Nitrogen 21 gN, 2025 ml


SmofKabiven extra Nitrogen EF

  • SmofKabiven extra Nitrogen EF 21 gN, 2025 ml

EF = Electrolyte Free; gAA = grams amino acids; MCB = multi-chamber bags; N = nitrogen; PN = parenteral nutrition;

Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at Adverse events should also be reported to Fresenius Kabi Limited.